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How to create my Ubigi account?

First, ensure that your smartphone or tablet is connected to the Wi-Fi hotspot of your Fiat New 500. If not please refer to: How do I connect my smartphone/tablet to the WiFi signal in my Fiat New 500?

To create your Ubigi account in order to access and manage the Ubigi services from your smartphone/tablet:

– Visit or refresh the Ubigi.me page on your smartphone/tablet to get the following account creation page:

– Fill in the fields in order to create your Ubigi personal account.

Congratulations! Once your account is created, you can access your connected services on your infotainment screen and benefit from the Wi-Fi connectivity in your car 😊

NB: In case you get an “Oops” message instead of the account creation page, please visit the following section for more help:
I get the message “You are trying to connect to Internet without data…” when I try to get to Ubigi.me, what should I do?

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